That Time We Thought Backpacking Would Be Fun.

I had never been backpacking before and I needed something fun to do for my golden birthday. It seemed like a weekend camp-out on a secluded beach with rocky shores and a jagged coastline would be the perfect setting for a birthday getaway. So, my sister Christine and my brother Daniel got work off, packed up their backpacks, and together the three of us set off on our adventure.

We were pretty danged excited and felt like some kind of rugged explorers that do cool things…. We didn’t even know what to bring really, Daniel packed a tent and all these pots and pans and sausage and eggs and tortilla’s and cheese and I brought my tea-kettle and my chai and honey, Christine had her magical oils from the Bible days that are supposed to be able to cure things so… basically we were all set to have a really chill weekend. Actually it was just gonna be one night.


We didn’t know if camping here is like, allowed or whatever, but we figured it was worth a shot to try it out. They didn’t have any signs saying we CAN’T do it and in cases like these I always figure the safest bet is to just not ask…. And also avoid being seen by any rangers… (Just in case)

IMG_9402 (2)

Christine had never been before, but we assured her it would be amazing. Last time Daniel and I had come, we weren’t wearing backpacks, and it had been a cool, foggy day. For some reason, that seemed to make a big difference.

This day wasn’t really like that.

IMG_9417 (2)

It was like, 95 degrees and not a cloud in sight and we had taken too long getting ready so we didn’t really get out there until midday… And wearing a backpack the size of a fat child somehow makes walking just a bit less… Inspiring.

It might not have been so bad if the burning-hot-lava-sand hadn’t put giant blisters on our bare feet within the first five minutes. Oh well, only two or three more hours of hiking and we would be there!

IMG_9189 (2)


IMG_9415 (2)


IMG_9409 (2)

It was so lovely when we arrived and set down our heavy packs and got to take a little nap on the beach.



We picked this little alcove to pitch our tent.

IMG_9153 (2)

Back behind it is the tiniest little waterfall, just a trickle really, but it was enough to remind us that we hadn’t brought nearly enough water to last two days, and would have to save what we had for our long trek back.


But, what’s a little parched-ness when in front of you the ocean violently crashes it’s song and all around you the hills echo it’s melody…

Looked like I wouldn’t have enough water to make my tea though.

IMG_9199 (2)

It really is so lovely here.

IMG_9181 (2)

We wandered around in search of some dry wood or seaweed that could be used for our campfire.



And as always, sunset is my favorite part of the day.

This one didn’t disappoint.

IMG_9160 (2)


Building our fire was hilarious because we ended up mostly finding kindling, which burns big and fast.

Most Dramatic Campfire award…


IMG_9300 (2)

It was a peaceful evening.

Followed by a lovely sunrise.


IMG_9383 (3)


The ocean had dropped off mounds of foam in the night.

IMG_9347 (2)

Ocean foam is pretty much the coolest thing ever…

IMG_9349 (2)

Daniel cooked up the rest of the food he’d brought. (Trying to lighten up his pack.)


He had saved the one piece of real wood we had found, to use for our breakfast fire.

The seaweed burns so fast that you can’t really cook over it so, this little piece of wood was kinda a big deal…

IMG_9267 (2)


Also Daniel is crazy packing cast iron skillets and so much food…

But it was good so… Yolo.


Our hike back was…

IMG_9418 (2)


IMG_9431 (2)


IMG_9428 (2)

And long.

IMG_9394 (2)

And really hot.

IMG_9437 (2)

Basically it was like Hell. I imagine this exact scenario might be a part of the experience there…

You arrive and are made to walk through mountains of hot sand with the sun beating down on you and no matter how far you keep walking you still can’t see the end yet because this beach is freaking 5 or 10 miles long and you are carrying an elephant on your back and it doesn’t want so share any water with you because it’s selfish and also elephants don’t even store water on them anyways, but backpacks do when you are smart and you pack enough water to last your whole trip like a normal person would do and if I had been a smart, or even just a normal person, I could have been drinking water right now but no, I wanted to pack a nice sweatshirt and my tea-kettle and my iphone speaker and an extra blanket and towel in case I went swimming…

Other than that it was good though.

We might go back in the Spring.


2 thoughts on “That Time We Thought Backpacking Would Be Fun.

  1. I love this! I can so relate. My friend and I started at Pier Avenue and decided to walk as far as we could in the day. 16 miles later we got picked up and had a full adventure of it. Staying over night sounds awesome. (I remember the trickle of water, too!! The ocean is like a different world out there…)

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