Explorations, Part 2

Sometimes I’m surprised by the diverse landscapes surrounding the coastal area where I live. On this exploration, some friends had invited me on a hike to a remote beach I’d never been to before. It didn’t take very long before I began to feel as if I’d gone to a far away land, untouched and unchanged by humanity.

Really it was only a short drive from my home, which just served to remind me how easy it is to miss out on the beauty that lies around me if I never make the effort to go and experience it. Truthfully, I almost didn’t even go along on this adventure because the thought of trekking through miles of sand and not having the convenience of bathrooms or anything like that, wasn’t terribly appealing, but somehow I got talked into coming, and of course I wasn’t disappointed.


IMG_8238 (2)

The guys had to help Christi up this cliff. I think she blamed it on being pregnant…

Classic. IMG_8242 (2)

Being pregnant doesn’t slow her down a bit.

IMG_8251 (3)

When walking through narrow, winding cliffs of sand and below you lies jagged rocks and ocean swells, you kinda realize how precarious your whole adventure has become…

IMG_8244 (2)

But, a little element of risk just adds to the fun!

IMG_8252 (2)

IMG_8248 (2)

IMG_8261 (2)

IMG_8269 (2)

IMG_8275 (2)

IMG_8279 (2)

IMG_8290 (2)

There were no footprints on the sand, except for those that we made ourselves.

Best kind of beach to explore, an empty one!

IMG_8293 (2)

Unless bird prints count…

IMG_8312 (2)

There were these giant puddles created by the tide, held captive by sand, standing. waiting for us to wade through.


The rocks here look volcanic. Their deep charcoal color is contrasted by the green moss that grows on them.

IMG_8329 (2)

IMG_8348 (2)

IMG_8355 (2)

It’s a delightful place to explore.

IMG_8367 (2)

IMG_8385 (2)

You feel like you should be in some kind of movie out here with these dramatic cliffs.

Which, would explain why Hollywood comes here for filming sometimes… (Pirates of the Caribbean)

IMG_8393 (2)

Chase found a nice spot to take a rest from our long hike.

IMG_8408 (2)

IMG_8416 (3)

IMG_8433 (2)

IMG_8451 (2)

The flowers dotting the hillside are so happy looking. They help with making the climb up these sheer cliffs a little less painful and so much more quaint.

IMG_8462 (2)

IMG_8455 (2)

We enjoyed this spot so much that I decided to come camping here for my 28th birthday, just a few weeks later.

But, that will be in another blog… 🙂

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