Recently my brother married my English friend Lizzy over in Norwich England. So naturally my entire family (20+ people) flew over there for the event. Being that I’m obsessed with taking pics and like to imagine myself as a photographer (not really.. maybe a little) of course I took millions of pics of everything along the way… We went to so many places that I’ve decided the proper way to handle this inundation is to do a separate blog for each country.

Here’s England!!

Heading to LAX with these little nieces!
Heading to LAX with these little nieces!

We landed in London. Walking the streets was so magical. Its amazing to be in a place with such a wealth of history. And the cars are my favorite!

Daniel and Selena were the navigation experts. Lets face it. I get lost easily.


London Phone Booth
London Phone Booth

The little phrases they use over there crack me up!!

IMG_5941 (2)

Of course we had to do a few touristy things… Like visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford!


Oh, hey there giant entryway….


And of course, in order to be a proper tourist one must take a few selfies with the locals…


IMG_5984 (2)


Stonehenge was my favorite because I’ve spent hours researching all the possibilities of how it came to be… And I’m pretty sure I figured it out….


Based on my research and meticulous calculations… I have come to the conclusion that Stonehenge was set up by God during creation to give him something to laugh about when he watches the documentaries we have created about it.


JK. Obviously it was the Nephilim…



Oxford was so adorable. Freakin England… Everything is so quaint!



I realized while in Europe that the best and most fulfilling reason to travel is to visit people you don’t get to see much.

I was so stoked to visit my Friend Michael Hickey while in London and see the work he is doing to get the London Dream Center off the ground. He showed me the building they will be using for some of their homeless ministry and some rescue work.

Dream Center

It may not look like much right now, but I am excited for where his project is headed!

Exploring downtown London was fun because it reminded me of so many movies that flash clips of these sights.

IMG_6093 (2)

IMG_6127 (2)

Foreign travel can get complicated, and I would definitely say the biggest challenge for us was capturing that perfect selfie…

IMG_6116 (2)

IMG_6121 (2)

IMG_6107 (2)

IMG_6125 (2)

IMG_6109 (2)

From London we took a little detour to Paris for a couple days… But that will be another blog! Once back in England, we headed to Norwich to meet up with friends and family and prep for the wedding!

Our Good friends Angela and Jeremiah Booth live in a lovely little brick home, and a handful of us (8 or so..) crashed there for the week, sleeping on whatever was available. It was kinda like a big sleepover that just kept on going!

My parents outside the house

This little one is starting to get and English accent.

IMG_6513 (2)

We threw a lovely shower for Lizzy.

IMG_6505 (2)

and of course had English tea!



and while we’re on the subject of food…. The fish & chips here are no joke. You basically get a small whale. Battered and fried to perfection.

IMG_6543 (2)

Family Dinner
Family Dinner

Ok. Lets cut to the chase. Time for some wedding pics!

IMG_6658 (2)

Over in England they make you wear fancy hats to weddings.

IMG_6659 (2)

So many pre-wedding selfies….


IMG_6602 (2)

The nieces were so squirmy and excited waiting for the ceremony to begin. And so cute.

IMG_6584 (2)

Here comes the bride!

Photo cred: Angela Booth
Photo cred: Angela Booth

They got married in the cutest little church ever.

IMG_6665 (2)


With the cutest little doors…


And a super cute getaway car…

IMG_6681 (2)

The reception was full of wonderful food and dancing!



IMG_0729 (2)IMG_6693 (2)

It was kinda like old times. Except we were in England and people were getting married… But other than that…

Angela and Me

I already miss my dear friends the Booths, but I’m sure I shall be back in England again!

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