DIY Chicken Coup

Nothing says rural farm like a chicken coup! This project was for my friends who just moved out onto some property. We saved some materials from an old mobile home that we tore down, and put them to use to make this little coup.

2013-09-17 11.48.43
I love browsing for unique pieces!

Charlotte is my little apprentice.


Framing the front.
Framing the front.
Almost Done!
Almost Done!
Roof Added
Roof Added

The little chicken door is my favorite.


2014-02-20 10.37.55

2014-02-20 10.36.41

The back of the boxes each have individual roofs that open from the outside so that eggs can be collected without entering the coup.

It might not be perfect, after all I never measure things, but, its sturdy and the chickens like it so, whatever…

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