Letter to Windy

Letter to Windy

I recently found this letter I had written when I was five or six. Now I can see why mom never mailed it. 🙂

This is what it actually says in case it’s too difficult to make out the words:

“Dear Windy

How are you and your sisters and your mom and dad?
We had 3 baby kittens. And they were all black. And 1 had 2 white stripes by his neck. And 1 had very fury hair. And 1 was all black.
These are their names starting from the top to the bottom.
Buttons, Mittens, and Lambie-pie and their mom’s name was Blacky.
Blacky, Buttons and Lambie-pie died. Blacky got eaten by the owl. Buttons died because his mom died and he was the runt. And Lambie-pie died because he got sick.
But mittens is alive.

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