Misty Days

Rain inspires me. I guess that’s why I love winter so much. Maybe it’s because rain makes everything clean and fresh and new.  My favorite way to enjoy such days is to take a bike ride and observe all the misty goodness of it.

These cows don’t seem to like me very much….


I love the moss that grows on this tree. It kinda makes the tree look like it’s crying.




I love how the clouds reflect in the puddle.

Our house and dad's old metal locker with a roast smoking inside.
Our house and dad’s old metal locker with a roast smoking inside.

096We put lights on the house every year even though no one can see up our 1/4 mile driveway. 🙂

Looking around I sometimes wonder how I even get to live in such a place. It’s not like I worked so hard to buy some land and build something or what-have-you. I was simply born into the right family. That’s how it is with God’s grace. God is good to us because we’re in his family, not because we were good enough to earn his forgiveness and help.  He washes us and makes us clean like the rain washes the dust of the trees. It’s a beautiful thing.

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