Bedroom Designs

Being a lover of design with an almost non-existent budget for buying things, I’ve ended up creating most of the furniture in my room. I’m a huge fan of Free People which is likely evident. 🙂
Before I had a dresser here. It took up a lot of space so I decided to get rid of it and just hang my clothes in that little wall space there instead.
I built this little desk so I’d have a space for my sewing machine when I want to make stuff. I found the trunk at a thrift store for like, ten bucks. It had a big hole in the bottom so I tore it out, refurbished it and added legs to make it into this desk.

I built this bed and then sewed these coushins from coffee bags and some fabric I found. So it’s a couch by day and a bed by night. 🙂
And of course I have to have space for my music…

I got these hanging lights from World Market. I LOVE hanging lights!
I keep my guitars on the wall cause I don’t really have room anywhere else.

My friend Anna gave me this laundry basket. I decided to use it for shoes.

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Designs

  1. Gorgeous room! Such a cozy space! I love the desk made out of the trunk! What an innovative idea! The lighting in the room is comforting and the coffee bad pillows are incredible! Nice work!

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