Painters Block?

If sheer will-power could make you good at something, I would be the world’s greatest painter. I can remember always answering the question “What are you gonna be when you grow up?” with this simple dream: “An artist”.
I envisioned myself sitting in a field painting landscapes or sunsets or anything that happened to catch my eye. I’m sure I would be making millions right now selling my tasteful masterpieces if not for this sad truth I discovered as I grew older: I have absolutely no talent or ability to paint or draw anything that even I would enjoy looking at.

I learned to accept this reality as time went on and began to pursue alternative creative endeavors. Then, one day, something incredible happened. I painted something good. Something REALLY good. I was so surprised and amazed I couldn’t stop looking at it. Then I went and grabbed everyone I could find to come look at it too. (fyi. Some people will never “get” the coolness of an abstract skull.. Its ok)

So I’ve figured it out. What I’d been experiencing was 20 something years of painters block. Crazy right? I mean, I know about writers block, I’ve seen the movies about the struggling young artists who finally have a breakthrough after months of toil and go on to triumphantly complete a groundbreaking piece of literature. I had just never applied it to other areas of art.

Unfortunately my masterpiece has since gone missing, (probably due to the fact that it was part of a Youth Camp team flag) and I have yet to duplicate such a fine work of art, but the point is this: never give up on your dreams. Keep working and practicing till you push through whatever your block might be.Image


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